19 mai 2010

suddenly speed

Braun said: "To this measure, only for large Linger snake in Discount MBT Shoesnegotiations with three, one stroke will

destroy the nearby Magic shark all."

    Cang Zhang Ao-xue and looked at each month, his face slightly hesitant, can finally agreed. This Braun

order, 4 and 3 spirit animal that the snake suddenly speed up, like death, both on a general, a moment from the

rear; in Rumo sharks within populations. Overwhelming massacre began.

    Flying snake out three, Zhang Aoxue with Braun, Tsang-month sea-green female soon to Ying and the others


    See the three women there, green Ying, burning days were happy. But when they saw the sea-woman, then the

face of surprise, apparently is a young female sea facts, let them be surprised.

    "Green Ying, you risk to this, the accident occurred is not the East China Sea?" Looked at three, Braun

asked smiling.

    They recovered, the Green Ying their way to answer only to find that Ji is not, not help asking said: "Ji?

He is not and you have one?"

    Braun said: "He is a bit thing, for the time being and we separated."

    Green Ying Oh sigh, looking women who move to the sea, softly: "We came to her."

    Braun mind of a fixed, light laugh: "You are come Suolong Ding, right?"

    Green Ying smiled and said nothing. Off to one side, the left-jun Yu: "Now the devil Pacific sea monster

rampage of those universal, wherever no one can touch, we hope to be able to suppress the lives they Suolong

tripod, so sea robbed ah."

    Zhang Ao-xue listened, asked: "how are you going to do?" Left Jun Yu: "We want to Suolong Ding homing to

see if effective."

    Zhang Ao-xue it lightly: "If there is no effect, how will?" Left Jun Yu smile: "The only thing I can think

of other ways. At the moment. We can only try Suolong Ding."

    Side, the burning of days working with Chong MBT Shoes Clearanceon talking, just listen, he asked: "Everybody says that the

sea is very powerful woman, this is true?" Tsang-month smiles: "Nature is true, she can easily expel those

Pacific monster . "

    Day stay for burning his face, then smiles: "I understand that the effect must be Suolong Ding." Tsang-

month shook his head: "You are wrong, women can expel the sea monster, has nothing to do with Suolong Ding."

    Burn day and looked questioningly at sea woman, puzzled: "The not because Suolong tripod, on what basis she

was expelled monster ah?" Tsang-month sea-woman stroking hair, with a chuckle: "She is the sea with women ah."

    Burn days, stunned, then asked Green Ying said: "Is this how matter, feel secretive of."

    Braun saw a crowd, laughing: "Actually no, the sea is less than the year-old female, she is famous waters,

naturally has his adventure. As to why she can be expelled monster, the reason being inconvenient to Daochu ,

so to invite trouble. Right now, women with the sea around us, you may feel strange, but when you knew her

identity to another, will be even more surprised! "

    "Another Identity? What capacity ah?" Green Ying puzzled, asked. Fen-day speculation Road, "will not you

fancy her. Intend to close her disciple?"

    Braun laughed: "You would guess, but almost. Now the sea is indeed worship a female teacher, her teacher

can not we, Ji!"

    "What! Ji received her as his disciple?" Watched in amazement as the sea women. Burn days feelings: "You

really lucky, be able to worship Ji as a teacher, do not know how much your past life to do good deeds."

    Green Ying pull harbor woman hands, smiled warmly: "Come, let me see. Really well, growing up certainly


    Burning Heaven: "Why, yes, there are Ji MBT Shoesand the master, there are three of them together to teach the

future must be unparalleled in the world. Do not know who the low end."

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